10 lessons from Jamaican dads | Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News | Loop News

Whether it was how to navigate tough situations or how to implement life skills, Jamaican fathers, through their actions or words, have imparted valuable lessons to their children that today served as guiding lights for adulthood.

Here are some of the lessons Loop News readers learnt from their dads that they intend to pass on to their children.

1. Be a provider

“My dad was a blind man, but that didn’t stop him from providing for his family. He worked as a hotel chef and sent all of us through school, including my mom. I’m proud of him.”

— Chevaugh, Motion artist

2. Save

“My dad taught me to always save money. Even if he did not say it directly, I learnt that from him because he was always ensuring that he saved. And that’s something I’ve been doing for as long as I can remember, I always have money put away, just in case.”

— Romario, Journalist

3. How to resolve conflict

“My father taught me to reason rather than fight. ‘The pen is stronger than the sword,’ he would often say.”

— Phil, Lecturer

4. Stay focused

“My father taught me to focus on my goals. He told me not to end the day without a single accomplishment.”

— Omar, Geologist

5. Be kind

“My father is a giver, and his actions showed me how to be kind. He was always sharing with others around him, especially when it comes to food.”

— Sabrina, Teacher

6. Be tolerant

“My father always says, ‘A man is just a man and the Earth, we are all from, and to the Earth, we shall all return’. He taught me how to treat everybody as equals and with fairness.”

— Javanniel, Engineer

7. Be intentional

“My dad taught me to let my actions say what my words can’t. My dad isn’t much of a talker, but he is one of the most expressive and intentional persons I know.”

— Emani, Manager

8. Hard work pays

“My father taught me that hard work pays off, we just have to be patient about it, and I also have to realise that it doesn’t necessarily pay off in financial ways, but self-gratification is also important.”

— Jason, Engineer

9. Don’t stress

“‘Don’t stress the small things, and when you really think about it, it’s all small things’. That’s my dad’s favourite line. He also taught me to always carry an extra suit of clothes when making any long trips, just in case.”

— Krystal, Doctor

10. Be honest

“My daddy showed me, through his actions, that honesty was the best policy. He is a man of integrity and is also very fair. As I navigate adulthood, that is something I strive to be.”

— Sheriece, Public Relations Officer