10-y-o Joelle believes housing should be affordable | Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News | Loop News

Hi, my name is Joelle Shakespeare. I am 10 years old, and I attend Mona Preparatory School. I want to be an Interior Designer, Real Estate Agent, and Entrepreneur when I grow up.

Working in the housing industry is important because I would like to help people find the houses they need for the perfect price. In Jamaica today, most people cannot afford housing. I want to help them buy their perfect house. I want to make the process of buying houses easier.

Shelter is a basic need and should, therefore, be very affordable. However, houses built nowadays are becoming very miniature even though the prices are increasing. This is of great concern to me, and the major reason is the giant inflation taking place in our country.

I know it may be a big problem for my business, but I will study hard to find creative ways to address this problem.

Another reason for pursuing this career is that a nice, affordable house, customised to my clients’ liking, could make them feel great. Comfortable homes bring joy to house owners. Interior designing gives me just that feeling since I am free to express myself in my designs.

Designing makes me feel creative, powerful, and smart. I can do anything “my mind is a powerhouse!” and I am at peace, woohoo!

In conclusion, Interior Designing, Real Estate and being a Businesswoman fit my interests and are important to me and who I want to become.

By Joelle Shakespeare
Grade 5 student at Mona Preparatory School