13-y-o burn victim returns to Jamaica after treatment in the US Loop Jamaica

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13-y-o burn victim returns to Jamaica after treatment in the US

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Adrianna Laing, the 13-year-old Westmoreland girl who was airlifted to the US for emergency medical care after being severely burnt in a house fire that claimed the lives of her brothers, returned to Jamaica on Thursday.

She suffered 97 per cent burns to her body in a house fire in September last year, which claimed the lives of her three younger brothers.

Literally at the precipice of death when she arrived in the US, Adrianna underwent 26 surgeries, including amputating her left leg, in the US where she received treatment at the Joseph M Still Burn Centre in Augusta, Georgia. She had to be fitted with a feeding tube and undergo multiple skin graphs and surgeries to remove scar tissue.

Sanmerna Foundation in Jamaica made the necessary connections to rush Adrianna out of the country shortly after the September tragedy in Westmoreland. They also assisted in raising funds for her recovery and monitoring her whilst in the US.

Sanmerna Foundation representative and the person who accompanied Adrianna to the US, Stephen Josephs, said by November the child had started eating independently.

Adrianna, who recovered fast and is fitted with a prosthetic leg, returned to Jamaica on Thursday after months in the US.

Despite losing her three brothers – eight-year-old Adriano and seven-year-old twins Jayden and Jorden – and her leg in the house fire, Adrianna is doing well and is in high spirits.

She was all smiles on her return home Thursday and her father was grateful to have her back.

Her recovery process continues.

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