1962: The year it all began for Appleton Estate Decades Loop Jamaica

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If you were among the lucky 1962 that have copped or will receive a bottle of Appleton’s latest release – Appleton Estate Decades – then this should interest you.

After launchingits new limited-time offer (LTO) rum at the Sunken Garden, Hope Botanical Gardens, Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum and co, threw a party to celebrate the occasion.

Appleton Estate Decades and is a concoction of the finest hand-selected rums spanning six decades.

Each expression was selected with the intention of creating a luxurious and rare liquid blend to celebrate Jamaica’s independence.

One can only imagine the history steeped into each one-of-1962 bottle – made in recognition of the year Jamaica gained its independence.

The bottle design is an iteration of Appleton Estate’s new packaging, launched in 2018.

The bottle includes the insignia, displaying the history of Jamaica and paying homage to the Appleton Estate, the birthplace of our world-renowned rums.

The insignia is an artistic representation of five national treasures: The Lignum Vitae flower, the Blue Mahoe tree, buds of Ackee, the Doctor Bird, and, of course, the Jamaican flag.

Crafted by Appleton Estate’s Master Blender Joy Spence – a luminary in the spirits sector, who recently celebrated her 40th anniversary at JWN – Appleton Estate Decades is best enjoyed neat in a snifter glass.

In describing the sipping experience, Dr Joy Spence noted:

“Appleton Estate Decades reveals smooth notes of honey and molasses on the nose with a luxurious flavour profile of nutmeg, walnut, maple, and vanilla finishing with notes of soft oak and bright orange zest. The rum, with an ABV (alcohol by volume) of 45%, presents a dark amber hue ending with a silky finish.”

Passion for rum-making… “Jamaica is a place unlike anywhere in the world and I am delighted to share my deep passion for rum-making and my love of Jamaica with this new release.”

History and heritage go hand in hand… “As one of the oldest rum distilleries in Jamaica, we continue to make history with the introduction of this never-before-done blend of rums from each of the past six decades. I am honoured to play a [role] in paying tribute to the rich history and heritage of the Jamaican people with this expression as the country celebrates its 60th anniversary of independence.”

The highly anticipated memento marks a significant milestone for the rum category as it demonstrates Appleton Estate’s unwavering commitment to the extraordinary quality and masterful blending, yielding complex flavours that have placed Appleton at the pinnacle of rum making for centuries.

Appleton Estate Decades is packaged in a special navy-blue gift box, with green illustrations showcasing lush flora and the doctor bird, as well as the expression’s tasting notes and how best to enjoy it.

The bottleneck label, like other expressions in the range, boasts an illustration of the Appleton Estate nestled in the heart of the Nassau Valley, St Elizabeth in the colours of the gift box with the text “Limited Edition”.

More about the rum

Appleton Estate rums age nearly three times more quickly in Jamaica’s tropical weather than spirits aged in cooler climates.

This allows for richer, fuller flavours that are developed in shorter times, and are best sipped neat given the complexity of the flavours developed throughout the ageing process.

At the launch event, bottle number 1,962 was signed by Appleton Estate’s Master Blender and the newly announced Tourism Brand Ambassador for Jamaica Dr Joy Spence.

The bottle was then auctioned off to Ka-el Geewax, for her bid of US$16,000.

But, the Appleton Estate Decades Rum is only available in Jamaica for a limited time with a retail price of US$1,700.

For more information, head to Appleton Estate on Facebook or Instagram.