21 cell phones, knives among items found during ‘Ochi’ lockup search Loop Jamaica

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The overall array and makeup of contrabands that were found and seized during a targeted search of the Ocho Rios Police Station cellblock on Monday.

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A search of the cellblock at the Ocho Rios Police Station by members of the Caribbean Search Centre resulted in the seizure of some 21 cellular phones among other contrabands on Monday.

Reports are that about 11am, the search, led by the Caribbean Search Centre, was carried out at the cellblock which housed male prisoners.

About half pound of ganja, two SIM cards, 21 cellular phones, one dismantled cellular phone, 16 phone chargers, 11 USB cables, 41 lighters, some knives and scissors, among other contrabands, were found and seized.

Following the search, the prisoners reportedly lit fires on both sides of the cellblock. They also began to hurl missiles and urine at the police.

 The fires were quickly put out by the law enforcers.

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