21-y-o mechanic charged for alleged sex with minor in St Elizabeth Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

The St Elizabeth police are reminding citizens to report acts of sexual violence against children in a timely manner.

The call comes after a mechanic was last week charged with sexually assaulting a minor on two occasions, the first of which occurred last year, in the parish.

The accused, 21-year-old Nevarno Gowdie, has been charged with having sexual intercourse with a person under the age of 16 years.

 It is alleged that Gowdie engaged the female minor in sexual intercourse in 2022, and sometime this year.

A court date for the accused has not yet been finalised.

The police in the parish are encouraging citizens to report such cases of alleged abuse within a reasonable timeframe, to ensure, among other things, that the suspects are apprehended and evidentiary materials are collected.

In August of this year, the St Elizabeth police made a call for parents to pay attention to behavioural changes in their children in order to identify signs that they have been sexually abused, especially by close relatives.

The warning came amid a disturbing sexual abuse case which was mentioned in the St Elizabeth Parish Court that month, which involved a 26-year-old farmer who allegedly buggered a four-year-old relative on July 22, 2023.

In reacting to the case at the time, head of the St Elizabeth police, Acting Superintendent Coleridge Minto, encouraged parents to report cases of sexual abuse relative to children to the police.

“(In) this parish and certainly Jamaica, I’m sure, we have no space for persons who are preying on our children. These are children!” Minto declared then.

During the opening of the St Elizabeth Circuit Court in late November, prosecutors revealed that 32 cases involving sexual offences were down for trial in the parish.