3 of 4 alleged goat thieves have bails extended in St Elizabeth Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

The case against four men charged with larceny of goats in St Elizabeth earlier this year failed to make further progress when the matter was mentioned in the parish court last week.

Three of the accused men – 19-year-old Devonte Clarke; 28-year-old construction worker Anthony Esson; and 24-year-old farmer Kenroy Davis – were previously granted bail and appeared in the St Elizabeth Parish Court.

However, the fourth accused, 32-year-old Manchester resident Dwayne Clarke, is in police custody in his native parish, reportedly facing similar charges there.

As a result of the delay in the case and Clarke’s absence from court, the teenager, Esson and Davis had their bails further extended.

Police reports are that on April 4, residents alerted the police to strange men loitering in the Parottee area of St Elizabeth.

In response, the police conducted a targeted operation along the Parotee main road between 4:30 and 6:40 am on the same day, during which a Toyota Fielder motorcar was intercepted.

Four men who were seated in the motor vehicle were detained after eight goats were found inside the vehicle.

The men and the animals were transported to the Black River Police Station, where the goats were later identified by their owners.

Following a question-and-answer session, the four men were charged.