43 killed in 34 fatal crashes during November Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

In November 2023, the Island Traffic Authority and Road Safety Unit (RSU) reported 41 road-related fatalities from 34 fatal crashes, indicating a 23 per cent decrease in both fatalities and crashes compared to November 2022.

A year earlier, November 2021 saw 39 crashes and 43 deaths, while November 2020 had 26 crashes with 30 fatalities.

A breakdown of November 2023’s casualties reveals that pedestrians constituted seven per cent of the fatalities, private vehicle drivers made up 20 per cent, passengers accounted for 15 per cent, and motorcyclists comprised 22 per cent. Men represented 83 per cent of the deaths, while women accounted for the remaining 17 per cent.

Westmoreland had the highest number of fatalities at 27 per cent, primarily due to multiple motorcycle accidents. St Andrew followed with a 20 per cent share and St Catherine recorded a proportion of 15 per cent.

As at December 6, there have been a total of 391 fatalities from 355 fatal crashes in the year so far; a reduction of 13 per cent in deaths and a decrease of nine per cent in crashes compared to the same period in 2022, as noted by the RSU.