5 best finds at Hardwareandlumber.com Cyber Monday Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

You may think the biggest deals are only on Black Friday but, surprise, there’s more. Cyber Monday closes out the November sale season, and HardwareandLumber.com has some great finds with big discounts.

1. Everybody’s on a quest to save energy, and DC motor fans fit the bill. These fans are extremely quiet, offer more speed options and have a reverse function with remote control. And, since most use 70% less than other fans, the sale price of 25% off on Cyber Monday is a cool deal.


2. At 20% off, solar products help you to be eco-smart. Saving money and saving the planet, who could ask for more?

3. Space is almost always limited. So you need to find useful ways to make your space work for you. Best way is to invest in creative storage solutions and level up to Kardashian-style with closet kits, storage baskets, under bed storage boxes, and more. Plus, they’re 15% off.

4. There is no better feeling than doing small fixes at home without the drama and cost of calling in a tradesman. Build your own toolbox with 15% off all hand and power tools, so you can easily take on DIY projects.

5. And this isn’t a product, but everyone loves free delivery! On Cyber Monday, hardwareandlumber.com offers islandwide free delivery with your purchase of $5,000 and more, with some exclusions. Shop day or night and have your order hassle-free. Now that’s a find!

H&L’s Black Friday will be BIG, and CYBER MONDAY will not disappoint!

Make sure you check them out at HardwareandLumber.com on Monday November 28, CYBER MONDAY!