$5m Scratchaz winner to stock shop, construct home with windfall | Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News | Loop News

Another Jamaican is $5 million richer after purchasing a $500 Supreme Scratchaz ticket.

“I’ve been buying Scratchaz since it came out, and I’ve been winning small amounts,” said a thrilled S Daley.

“The most I’ve won before was $25,000 a few weeks ago.

“The day I bought this ChaChing ticket, I really didn’t expect to win so much. I was jumping for joy when I saw $5 million on the ticket! I’m definitely going to use this money to put more stock in my shop and finish the construction at home where I was adding a room,” Daley said.

Stefan Miller, SVP Product Management & Business Development at Supreme Ventures expressed his delight at another Supreme Scratchaz millionaire.

“At Supreme Ventures we take great pleasure in transforming the lives of Jamaicans and providing them an opportunity to realise their goals. We love to see our players’ lives change in an instant with just one Supreme Scratchaz ticket.”

He also disclosed that new games would be added soon.

“Our customers are very familiar with the current games we have available. They will be excited to know that we will be introducing new games in the coming weeks that will have even higher payouts and more chances to win nuff, win often and win right away with Supreme Scratchaz,” he said.

Customers currently have a selection of seven different instant win scratch games ranging from $100-$500 per card and have the chance to win up to $5 million instantly.