66 years Moore of marriage: Eudene and Ivan share secrets Loop Barbados

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The content originally appeared on: Barbados News

On January 21, 2023, Vashti Eudene Moore and Ivan Moore celebrated 66 years of marriage.

Better known to many as Aunt Dene or Mother Moore and Uncle Sam, the two pillars of knowledge, strength and love shared with Loop Lifestyle how they lasted over six decades or three score and six years to be exact.

Tell them too, as I always say, every day won’t be honeymoon

Both are fixtures in the pentecostal church and have raised their family to follow in their footsteps. Therefore, it was no surprise when Uncle Sam said to put God first and don’t be selfish.

He said:

“Learn to give and learn to take and God will bless you. When you live a life that is pleasing to God, He will make your life longgggg and pleasant and pleasurable. That’s it!”

Keeping it simple, the 97-year-old added, “Be content. Be good, and God will bless you.”

A jokester still, Uncle Sam keeps Vashti laughing to this day. He confessed that when he got married, he gained not only a wife, but “a second mother, a nurse, a good friend… and a cook.”

Asked her age, Mother Moore laughed and said, “I born in 1936”. Despite not being interviewed side-by-side, it was amazing to see that her tips aligned very similarly with her husband’s.

The 87-year-old told us, “Believing in God and contentment.”

Additionally, she told newlyweds and others considering marriage to strengthen their circles because good support is pivotal too, and “love is key”. But she quickly added, “Tell them too, as I always say, every day won’t be honeymoon.” She urged people to have grace and remember that they were raised differently and are from different homes and backgrounds, so they will need to be open and learn each other without harsh judgment. “That is the long and short of it.”

The couple has two children and one grandchild. They attend Dunamis Outreach Ministries and as the church celebrates 105 years of existence this year, they will lean on these two to learn more of the history first-hand.