6ix9ine Honored With Bronze Statue In The Streets Of Cuba

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Tekashi 6ix9ine got his own bronze statue in Cuba amid a slew of legal woes.

In many parts of the world, it is considered a great honor to have a statue in one’s likeness erected. While the subjects of these tributes are often natives of the host country or have some historic or significant cultural impact there, this 6ix9ine-inspired sculpture was unexpected, to say the least. Fans and critics alike were surprised to learn about the memorial statue in Cuba for the New York rapper, who is of Mexican and Puerto Rican descent.

According to the sculptor Genis Osoria Vargas, the statue, which was erected on a street corner in Cuba, was created at the request of a client. Upon sharing his work on Instagram, the artist noted that Tekashi 6ix9ine was one of the most controversial rappers today, calling the piece “a rather unique request.”

The half-body bronze sculpture features 6ix9ine’s unique likeness – namely, his rainbow-colored hair and all of his signature tattoos, including the “69” on his chest. It also bears a “69” chain around its neck and clutches a huge stack of cash propped up on the right bicep while clinging to a microphone in the other hand.

It’s worth mentioning that 6ix9ine, though not a Cuban native, frequents the island and has a widespread fanbase in the Latino community in general. In the music video for his song “Bori,” which features Cuban singer Lenier, 6ix9ine is seen giving out thousands in cash to the locals there as he is hugged and kissed in turn.

Much of the rapper’s 2023 Latin album Leyenda Viva was recorded in Cuba, with Lenier featuring on seven of the eleven tracks. The visual for the first track on the project “Bori” has garnered nearly 75 million views since its March 2023 release.

On social media, people had mixed reactions to the statue, with some fans congratulating the rapper while others denounced the tribute. Critics came out in their numbers, making comments like “honoring a rat is crazy” and “That’s an L for Cuba.” Some even accused the rapper of commissioning the sculpture himself. “Lol He Paid To Get It Made,” one user said. “Bro do everything to get in the media except make good music,” another wrote.

Meanwhile, supporters were also heard as they celebrated the rapper’s memorial. “Say whatever you want about him, but he was in the streets, several times, giving money to people without expecting anything back. He has a nice heart,” one fan declared. “Dude made it happen for himself despite the odds gotta respect it,” another said.

This tribute comes amid months of legal drama for the Brooklyn rapper, who was recently arrested in the DR for allegedly assaulting some music producers working in a studio there. While 6ix9ine was later released from jail, he was prohibited from leaving the country for six months.

In another legal battle stemming from an alleged assault at a club, 6ix9ine was fined $9.8 million after failing to show up to court. Another judge recently vacated the default judgement, overturning the ruling, which means the rapper no longer has to pay almost $10 million to the alleged victim. That legal battle is ongoing.

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