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The Jamaican dad is not just the disciplinarian in the household, he’s often a source of wisdom and jokes.

And although he may not be the most expressive, his actions can be a source of nostalgia when reflecting. Here are seven things the Jamaican dad is famous for saying and doing.

Sleeping with his machete under the bed

If you grew up in rural Jamaica and your dad was a farmer, then you were probably the child responsible for bringing his machete in to tuck underneath his bed at night. Let’s just say some dads from rural Jamaica took protecting their families very seriously.

2. ‘Go ask yuh mada’

Oftentimes, a Jamaican dad knows that it’s the mom who will have the final say on a matter, so to avoid any conflict stemming from a child asking for a questionable favour, the dad knows to direct him or her to the other parent.

3. Hot beverage before dinner

It may not be fine dining, but some Jamaican dads need to have something hot before digging into dinner. This could range from some tea, soup, or even the ‘pot wata’.

4. ‘If ah lick yuh, yuh see peenie wallie’

This threat from a Jamaican dad is bound to quiet that troublesome child.

5. Getting up early

Your Jamaican dad is more than likely the first one up in the morning, and if he’s a farmer, then be prepared, because this early rising will extend way into his older years. You may even have heard your Jamaican dad say, “Sun nuh fi ketch yuh inna di bed”.

6. Teaching children to save

A Jamaican dad will do his best to encourage good habits amongst his children, especially saving. So, if you really want to attend that concert and manage to save half the amount of money you’ll need, he’s sure to give you the rest!

7. Fixing things around the house

Even if it’s not broken, a Jamaican dad will surely find something to fix around the house.