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More than 50 countries worldwide, including Jamaica, are celebrating Mother’s Day today, May 8.

In honour of the Jamaican mom, here are eight things that only she would say or do. As it turns out, most of us had very similar childhoods.

It doesn’t matter if you just completed a host of chores or homework, as soon as you appear to be relaxing and if your mom is nearby, you’re sure to hear her say: “Dats all yuh good fa” or “guh find sumn do”.Why does the Jamaican mom never seem to trust her child’s skill in the kitchen? One minute she’s telling you that you must learn to cook, and as soon as you take her advice she’s in the kitchen tasting, adding salt and seasoning, and critiquing even the way in which you hold the knife. Before you know it, she eventually takes over. Your aunt calls, and she and your mom are having a conversation on the phone. The next thing you hear is your mom calling you to come to speak with that aunt, too. It’s a Saturday and it’s time to clean. Why do some Jamaican moms blast the music instead of just telling you to get up? If you find yourself repeating random proverbs these days, it’s probably the influence of your Jamaican mom, because one thing about her is she’s going to have a proverb for every situation.Martin Luther King Jr had a dream, but Jamaican mothers have dreams. And, somehow, these dreams are always foreboding something bad happening to you. Do you believe them?How dare you sit around idling? A Jamaican mother is sure to remind you to go “tek up yuh book”. A Jamaican mother will come home from work and see a cup and a spoon in the kitchen sink, and create havoc about you not washing the plates, and about how her house is “chaka chaka”.

Does any of them sound familiar?

Despite how we felt as children when our Jamaican mom would do or say something, we would have it no other way! Happy Mother’s Day, moms!

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