A few familiar faces weigh in on Valiant’s rise Loop Jamaica

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The release of Valiant’s mixtape 4:14 has been rescheduled for July 7. The project comes less than a year after the recording artiste emerged as a viral sensation with the catchy slang ‘kotch ‘eh hat’, which led to his career breakthrough and subsequent success.

Born Raheem Bowes, the 24-year-old Valiant is from rural St Andrew. He grew up between several communities, including Mannings Hill District, Stony Hill, Lawrence Tavern, Parks Road, Above Rocks, and Golden Spring.

“I have been doing music since my school days. Me used to deh inna Unruly Camp, and mi never give up along the journey,” Valiant said in one of his earlier interviews last year..

“The biggest lesson I’ve learnt was dont give up, try and master yuh craft everyday and believe inna yuself,” he said then.

He also said since he exploded on the musical radar, his life has drastically changed.

“Me just a be miself and a stay focused. Mi get more busy, but me nah slow down. Mi have a son, and this only encourage me to go harder,” said Valiant.

Valiant attended Oberlin High and St Mary’s College and later took up a job as an agent with a call centre within the BPO sector.

Since that early interview, he has been one of the fast-rising stars in the music space, and he’s still climbing.

And, guess what? It hasn’t been a year since his kotch eh hat slang went viral.

At the launch of his mixtape last week, the Loop Entertainment team asked a few familiar faces to give their take on Valiant’s rise and, of course, name their favourite song from the recording artiste.

Check out what they had to say in this video that was shot and edited by Ramon Lindsay.