A kind and spontaneous gesture in court

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

The number 2 courtroom in the Kingston and St Andrew Pariah Court was moved to applause and expressions of “awww!” when a schoolgirl and the person she is charged with assaulting did what no one saw coming. 

The two were waiting on their case to be recalled on Friday after returning from on-the-spot mediation to see if they could resolve their differences that brought them to court in the first place.

They were listening as Chief Parish Judge Chester Crooks imposed a $1,000 fine on a young man who apparently did not have the money to pay.

As the man stood before Crooks looking hopeless, the two girls blurted out almost in unison: “We will pay it!”

As all eyes shot to them, they repeated the offer while holding up their hands.

The court then erupted into cheers at the kind gesture, with even accused men who were in custody in the holding area of the courtroom, registering their approved of the kindness by clapping wildly.

As a show of appreciation, the young man who was fined turned to the girls and bowed slightly before turning to their aunt and grandmother and doing the same.

Even Judge Crooks was moved by the kind act, and smiled approvingly.

He said that every time he gets disheartened by much of what he sees in court, actions such as those of the young women remind him of how kind Jamaicans can be.

As for their own matter, the young ladies told the court that they had resolved their own differences.

They apologised to each other, declared that they are now friends, and sealed it with a hug before being dismissed by the court.