A ‘Loving Feeling’ from J’can-born Canadian artiste, Chester Miller | Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News | Loop News

Canadian Reggae Music award winner and Juno nominated artiste, Chester Miller, last Friday released his latest EP, ‘Loving Feeling’.

This EP of five original songs was recorded and produced by Tim Dub and Josh Goldman.

Dub and Goldman wrote the music, while Miller wrote the lyrics, and the songs came together relatively quickly and easily.

Loving Feeling is the first album to be released on their new label Gold Dub records.

Blessed with a smooth and silky voice emerging from the mountainous parish of Manchester in Jamaica, It didn’t take fans long to become familiar with Miller through singles such as ‘Saturday Evening’ (1985) and ‘Never Run Away’ (1987), which hit the British Pop Chart.

Miller has worked hard to earn his place in the reggae world, winning several Canadian Reggae Music awards, including Top Male Performer, Top Male Vocalist, Top Reggae Album, and also had a Juno nomination.

Being of a free spirit and always wanting to please his fans, Miller used the solitude of the COVID-19 pandemic to create ‘Loving Feeling’.