‘A nuh boasy mi boasy, a proud mi proud,’ says Valiant Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

A dapperly attired Valiant said success is bothering him as he delivered a memorable performance at Reggae Sumfest that could likely be a hard to match at the music festival. on night one of Reggae Sumfest at the Catherine Hall Entertainment Centre.

The ‘Dunce Cheque’ singer earned the first encore of the night at the Catherine Hall Entertainment Centre in Montego Bay, St James, after holding the audience spell-bound.

His selections on Saturday morning included ‘She Break Me Heart’, ‘Long Me a Fight’, ‘Barbie’, ‘Next to You’.

A grateful Valiant performs for the first time on Reggae Sumfest on Saturday morning inside Catherine Hall Entertainment Centre in Montego Bay, St James. (Photo: Marlon Reid)

The entertainer, who was making his debut on Sumfest, comfortably worked the stage while belting out his lyrics.

His act was also underlined by intermittent interaction with the appreciative audience.

“A nuh boasy me boasy, a proud me proud.Mi have money now. You want mi dash weh some money in yah? Success a bother me. A far mi a come (from),” he said as a member of his entourage threw paper notes into the gathering.

“Me nah cuss no more bad word but you have to understand when a ghetto youth reach yah so … A far me a come from.”

Valiant shot to stardom in under a year after his slang ‘kotch eh hat’ went viral. Since then, he has signed corporate deals, released a mix tape called ‘4:14’ and is fast climbing the ladder to as a heavyweight in the music industry.