‘Abnormal’ acts force early dismissal of classes at Oberlin High Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

A bizarre incident on Wednesday at Oberlin High School, in which a number of students reportedly fainted after a devotional excercise, forced the early dismissal of classes at the west rural St Andrew institution.

The incident was reported to the Ministry of Education and Youth.

Several videos have gone viral of students–mostly girls–screaming and acting uncontrollably.

In one video, some schoolgirls were on the ground with their eyes closed while moving “abnormally” and screaming. A schoolboy was also noticed displaying similar behaviour while sitting on a chair.

Amid the “abnormal” acts, other students and teachers can be seen trying to render assistance to those students who had collapsed or were acting outside the norm.

Loop News understands that acting principal of Oberlin High, Antoinette Gray, has submitted a preliminary report of the incident to the Education Ministry.

The report informed that during devotion, a teacher at the school had a “word” for the student population, and “so she was given the opportunity to share along with another teacher”.

The acting principal reportedly said that, based on her “humble opinion”, during the worship “some students were overpowered by the anointing and started to worship aloud as well, while a few others had to be taken to the nurse because they could not control themselves and a few had also fainted”.

The report said that after the worship session ended, more students were brought to the nurse due to them acting “abnormally”.

Some parents reportedly assisted in consoling the students, while other concerned parents contacted the institution to determine the state of their children.

Classes were eventually dismissed at 10am on Wednesday, because of the “complexity of the situation” and some students being unsettled.

The Education and Youth Ministry is yet to respond to reports of the incident.