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The unavailability of a post-mortem report has resulted in a delay of the committal hearing relative to the murder of a beloved Manchester man who was killed by an angry mob earlier this year.

Orlando Powell, a taxi operator who is charged with the murder of 61-year-old Chieftin Campbell, appeared in the Manchester Parish Court last week.

Powell had his bail extended after it was disclosed in court that the hearing could not commence due to the absence of the post-mortem report.

A committal hearing would determine whether there is enough evidence against Powell to transfer the matter for trial in the High Court.

Powell is to return to court on October 26.

It was reported that on May 6, Campbell was beaten by a group of persons, including Powell, who had mistaken the senior citizen for a thief.

Campbell, a resident of Victoria Town in Manchester, was transported to the hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries.

The police launched a probe and it was determined that Campbell was, in fact, not a thief, but a well-respected member of the Victoria Town community.

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