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Entertainer, Epican unveil sativa-dominant hybrid strain engineered for maximum kick

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Epican brand ambassador Aidonia shows off his new cannabis strain called Banga Kush.

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Entertainer Aidonia has unveiled Banga Kush, his new strain of cannabis.

At a launch party held Friday at the cannabis chill spot, Epican Tapas Bar and Deck in Kingston, the deejay shared that his strain is a strong variant and is not for new smokers.

The Epican brand ambassador, Aidonia, said: “Epican saw something different in me, and it’s a family… My strain is a strong strain, and that’s the vibe we love because my life is all about music and being creative, and marijuana is essential to my creative process.”

Banga Kush

Banga Kush is an Epican-Aidonia exclusive sativa-dominant hybrid strain engineered for maximum kick, performance and creative drive, a release said.

It was reportedly grown with the most exacting of standards, and the proprietary strain is the partnership’s homage to dancehall music and culture.

Aidonia has been the brand ambassador for Epican Medicinals Limited since 2018.

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