Artiste, Kiprich robbed of over $7m, but gets back chain, Rolex watch Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

Dancehall star KipRich is thanking his lucky stars after he was able to regain possession of his Rolex and other items just days after a robbery at a Portmore Air B n B.

The Telephone Ting artiste had initially reported the robbery to the Greater Portmore police on Saturday.

The Corporate Communications Unit confirmed that a man had been arrested in connection with the burglary but he had not yet been charged.

KipRich said that he got a tip from a man about the burglar’s whereabouts, and after he did his own sleuth work, with the assistance of the police, he was able to find out who was in possession of his valuables, including a US$25,000 Rolex.

He told Loop Entertainment that he collected his chain and Rolex at the Constant Spring Tax Office in St Andrew from an alleged bus driver after following several leads. He did not, however, recover the cash that was stolen.

“Mi know how the cash woulda go, mi just glad say mi get back the Rolex and the chain, respect to the street network, the police and the fans for all their help,” he explained.

KipRich said he got an initial Instagram message from a female fan that she knew the whereabouts of the culprit who had burglarised the unit he had been staying in Portmore. He jumped on a bike and zoomed off to downtown Kingston early Thursday morning.

At first, he was unsuccessful, then he returned two hours later with his brother and another friend. This time, the reconnaissance mission yielded success.

“About five minutes after we reached, we saw him crossing the road towards a bus. So my brother and my friend got out and tracked him. The police arrived later and grabbed him,” KipRich revealed.

After being interrogated by the cops, the man finally revealed that he had already been robbed of the cash by ‘some bwoy’ but he had given the jewellery to another man for ‘safekeeping’.

“When I called that bredda, he started to tell he was a fan and that he had tried to contact a producer to reach me so I could get back my things. But mi just push through to the matter at hand, him is a bus driver and him never want to show up his face, and he agreed to leave the chain and Rolex at the Constant Spring tax office,” he said.

He eventually retrieved the items.

“When mi reach the tax office, A man saw me come in and gave me a scandal bag with the items, mi still all have the black scandal bag with them,” KipRich joked.

The deejay had reported over the weekend that an Airbnb apartment that he was renting was broken into by a lone thief who got away with more than US$50,000 (approximately $7.6 million) in cash and other valuables.

The CCU said that the man remains in custody and will be transferred to the Greater Portmore Police Station in St Catherine where investigators are probing the case. He has not yet been charged.