Ashli Randall-White is not ‘pressed’ about Mani Aesthetics Loop Jamaica

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Ashli Randall-White has been on a mission to change the face of the mani industry in Jamaica.

She’s monitored every detail in the process of making her start-up Mani Aesthetics so the process feels “like a nail boutique”.

Randall-White’s designer nails were created to bring bling – or understated glam – to the fingertips, just like the nail shop around the way, but not quite.

Her brand – Mani Aesthetics – was created on the ease and functionality of press-on nails, providing pro-designed nails to jazz up your digits.

And, with an extensive colour palette that ranges from the deepest blue to the reddest red, her very own YouTube tutorials, and a nail-sizing kit for beginners, your press-on experience should be as easy as click and press on.

The options range from the coffin-, ballerina-, stiletto-, square-, or round-shaped nails; Mani Aesthetics currently has three mainstay categories: Make A Statement, Everyday Slay, and The Caf?: Nude Collection.

The best part is, each nail set is designed, handmade, and packaged in Jamaica by Randall-White.

Mani Aesthetics Creator Ashli Randall-White

In 2019, under some serious downtime during the thick of the panini pandemic, Randall-White realised that her love for art and design could be paired with her favourite hobby: painting nails.

Randall-White believes nail art and design offer sheer sophistication, and in an interview with Loop Lifestyle, she shared some other beliefs on the art.

Kadeem Rodgers (KR): Why was the Mani Aesthetics brand created?

Ashli Randall (AR): Mani Aesthetics was born out of a passion for design. I’m an artist and a nail technician so I found a way to merge the two. Our press-on nails are created to bring salon-quality nails to the homes of the booked, busy, and fabulous.

This design, known as ‘Pitchy Patchy’ is a modern approach to the Jamaican festival figure that wears a suit with multiple pieces of fabric.

KR: How did you decide on the details from a marketing standpoint?

AR: When I first thought of starting this business I wanted it to feel like a nail boutique. From there I’ve tried to tailor each component [of the brand] this way, from the social media to the packaging.

KR: What are your top three fave things about creating for Mani Aesthetics?

AR: Three things I love about creating for Mani Aesthetics are the general peace I feel when designing, seeing the finished product, and watching customers get excited about their custom sets.

KR: What inspires your designs?

AR: Many things inspire my nail art. I love colours, modern design, mixing textures, etc. The aim is for each nail set to be a beautiful accessory that people get excited about.

The ‘Black, Green and Gold’ design was created to celebrate our national flag, the flag is also positioned on the nail as a unique take on the traditional French tip.

KR: What are some of the challenges you face as a young entrepreneur in the aesthetician space?

AR: The main challenges are resources: time and money. It’s really difficult balancing a demanding 9-5 with a very new business that requires a lot of input to get off the ground.

KR: What’s the next project you’re working on and how do you imagine the press-on could evolve?

AR: We’re approaching the end of the year so Christmas and New Year’s collections are just about ready. I’m also looking at collaborations with other creatives as press-on nails evolve into a strong component in the fashion industry.

KR: Where can we find your press-on nails?

AR: You can follow Mani Aesthetics on Instagram @mani.aesthetics and check out our website