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The content originally appeared on: Barbados News

Barbados has been nominated as one of the Top Green Destinations in the World.

The island was a successful finalist in the 2022 Green Destinations Top 100 Stories List with the story, The Path to Becoming the First Carbon-Neutral Small Island.

It was recognised for its commitment to become a carbon-free country by 2030, as stated in the National Energy Policy of 2019-2030.

Over the next decade, Barbados strives to substantially expand renewable energy generation, especially solar wind and biofuel sources and phase-out fossil fuel based generation.

Additionally, plans are afoot to shift to greener mobility by encouraging greater uptake of electric or hybrid vehicles and improve energy conservation and efficiency through the phasing out of inefficient lighting and appliances and thereby promoting high-efficiency products.The Government has transformed its public transport fleet, including 49 electric buses, and there are plans to acquire an additional 10 electric buses. There are also over 350 electric vehicles on the roads.

The island will incentivise decarbonisation, by providing technical and financial support, and instating fiscal measures (grants, loans, tax rebates and exemptions, import duty exemptions); and reform legislation and build capacity to facilitate an energy transformation.

Since the 1970s, Barbados has been a leader in the solar water heating technology industry. The island has one of the the highest rate of SWH installations across the Caribbean, saving consumers between USD $11.5 to 16 million per year.

Over 2,000 independent power producers are now generating 50 MW from solar power – reaching almost 20 per cent of the potential solar capacity and more than 15 Government buildings are retrofitted with solar photo-voltaic systems and energy efficient fixtures.

Barbados is also one of the contenders for the People’s Choice Award. Persons have up to January 23 to vote. The destination that receives most votes will be awarded the People’s Choice Award at the Green Destinations Story Awards ceremony at ITB Berlin on 7 March 2023.

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