Bartenders pour convenience with ready-made cocktails business Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

Craig Edmonson and Shamari Blackwood, two talented bartenders based in Kingston, have combined their expertise to embark on an exciting new business venture known as One Fi Di Road Cocktails.

These skilled mixologists, who crossed paths during a job interview for bartending positions at a popular hotel in the capital city back in 2019, now proudly own and operate this ready-made cocktail business.

Edmonson, a true connoisseur of mixing beverages, assumes the lead in conceptualizing and crafting a diverse range of cocktails. With a passion for experimentation and innovation, he continuously explores new flavour profiles and techniques to create unique concoctions.

On the other hand, Blackwood takes charge of the distribution and marketing aspects of the business, ensuring that the remarkable creations reach a wider audience.

One Fi Di Road Cocktails made its official debut in 2020 and immediately garnered enthusiastic support from colleagues within the tourism and hospitality industry. The positive feedback propelled Edmonson and Blackwood to expand their presence beyond industry circles.

Since its inception, One Fi Di Road Cocktails has become a sought-after feature at various entertainment events, private functions, and special occasions such as weddings.

To ensure accessibility for cocktail enthusiasts in Kingston and beyond, One Fi Di Road Cocktails are not only available at two physical retail locations within the city but can also be conveniently ordered through their official Instagram account — “One Fi Di Road Cocktail.”

As Edmonson and Blackwood continue to refine their craft and expand their reach, the young entrepreneurs hope to make One Fi Di Road Cocktails a household name in the local and international bartending scene.

Video edited by Richard Baker