Beenie Man back on his feet again, hits Rebel Salute stage Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

Dancehall artiste Beenie Man hit the stage at Rebel Salute just before daylight on Sunday morning at Grizzly’s Plantation Cove in St Ann.

Touching the stage at 5:19 am, the King of Dancehall aptly entered singing that he is “back on his feet again, and he aint looking back”.

The entertainer’s medical doctor had recommended in December 2022 that he rest after injuring his ankle earlier. Beenie Man, therefore, cancelled his appearances for the period in order to adhere to his doctor’s orders.

During his set, he disclosed that he had been off his feet for eight weeks.

His fans, which were plenty by the reception he got from the audience inside the Rebel Salute venue in the wee hours of Sunday morning, were clearly happy to see “the doctor” on a stage again.

“I am not a hundred per cent because yuh know one part of mi foot pop off,” Beenie Man told the audience during his set, however, that did not prevent the experienced entertainer from working the stage, even showing off a bit of his signature wine.

He also told patrons that he is at 75 per cent, but he doesn’t “business”.

About 10 minutes into his set, which lasted one hour and five minutes, a chair was brought on stage for the recording artiste.

However, he was on his feet more than he was in the seat, spendibg about three minutes of his entire set seated, having used the chair four times throughout his entire performance.

Beenie Man got the patrons to their feet as he took them on a journey through his catalogue, including some of his 90s dancehall hits.

Mindful that he shouldn’t stand for too long, based on doctor’s orders, Beenie Man called his daughter Desha Ravas on to the stage to do the dancing for him.

He left the stage at 6:24 am, but not before commenting on the issue of Usain Bolt being allegedly fleeced of millions of US dollars in an massive fraud scheme that is now being probed at investment firm Stocks and Securities Limited (SSL).

“A ediot thing dem keep up pon Usain Bolt. Dem fi gi back the man him money,” Beenie Man said as he asked everyone inside the St Ann venue to raise gheir hands if they were in agreement.

The “Girls Dem Sugar” singer’s comment came a day after Bounty Killer made a similar comment on the Rebel Salute stage on night one of the event.

The issue has dominated headlines locally and internationally since news emerged last week that the eight-time Olympic champion’s US$12 million had gone missing from the invetment firm that was the holder of his account.

The sprint legend’s attorneys have given SSL until January 27, 2023 to return Bolt’s funds or face both criminal and civil actions.