Beeston Spring’s Mikada Brown shows love through acts of service

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

In the words of Mother Teresa, ‘love cannot remain by itself – it has no meaning. Love must be put in action and that action is service’.

From a young age, junior butler at Sandals South Coast, Mikada Brown knew her career aspirations would lead her to a field where she could serve her community and express her passion for nation-building.

Brown initially toyed with the idea of joining the JCF or coaching a sports team, so service was always innate.

A few years after graduating from the Maud McLeod High School, Brown enrolled into the hospitality industry by joining the Sandals South Coast team as a server in the food and beverage department.

The joy she felt every time a guest was pleased with her service and how much she valued contributing to her department’s overall operation, Mikada shared that making the decision after six years to transition to the butler department was difficult, but she knew it was time to grow and spread her wings.

‘My experience helps me to create unique vacation and memories for my guests. I strive to surpass their expectations by anticipating their needs, particularly regarding the resort’s cuisines, which I have studied extensively over the years,’ she proudly added.

For the past nine years, Brown has not only dedicated herself to serving her guests but has also served as an Earth Guardian, by volunteering with the Sandals Foundation.

Through the company’s philanthropic efforts, she has contributed to her community by mentoring young girls, inspiring high school students, participating in beach clean-ups, and planting trees in her hometown, Beeston Spring.

‘In 2017 a friend of mine on resort was hosting a community Christmas treat and requested assistance from the Sandals Foundation and that’s how I got involved. I’ve always liked seeing happy children. Growing up this was always my favourite season, I never got Christmas gifts and being a part of this initiative really helped to pique my interest in giving back,’ she added.

One of Brown most significant initiatives, driven by her passion for sports, is a cricket competition she initiated four years ago.

‘I grew up playing sports with my brothers, and in 2020 I realized there were few community activities fostering unity among people. That’s when I decided to start a women’s cricket competition. We started small with just three female teams, but it has since grown, and we’ve now added a male competition.’

She currently serves as the president of her community’s sports committee and a member of the Community Development Committee (CDC), Mikada has contributed to numerous initiatives aimed at aiding those in need within her community.

These include organizing back-to-school treats and fostering the development of young girls in neighbouring communities.

Crediting her passion for helping others to her humble upbringing, she noted that life growing up was not easy. ‘As a child my family experienced our own challenges, there were instances when we couldn’t afford lunch money for school. We often missed out on school trips and other activities, but despite our financial struggles, my parents instilled in us a sense of pride and ambition, and this fuelled my determined to succeed,’ she added.

‘In high school, I was bullied by some of my peers for being a part of the PATH Programme, a conditional cash transfer initiative for vulnerable households. Nevertheless, I refused to allow this to hinder my progress. I remained resolute in my aspirations and accepted my reality at that time,’ she recalled.

Now a mother, Brown encourages her daughter to give back to those in need and while she may not share the same passion for cricket as her mother, she’s active in track and field.

Brown hopes her daughter will always maintain the same spark that drives her to make a positive impact on others.

As far as life goes on resort, she aspires to advance within the butler department and dreams of becoming an elite butler manager in the future. Her immediate goal is to visit other Sandals and Beaches resorts within the group.

She aims not only to enjoy the diverse amenities each resort offers, but to also gain insights on enhancing her own resort’s offerings to create an even better experience.

Receiving the prestigious Platinum Award at her resort’s 2023 annual awards ceremony, Brown continues to chart her path as a rising star at Sandals South Coast.