Beware of motor vehicle scammers, says Jamaica Customs Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

The Jamaica Customs Agency (JCA) is warning the public to beware of motor vehicle scammers posing as Customs officials, who claim they can sell or put vehicles up for auction.

Unsuspecting persons are reportedly being contacted via email.

“The agency is advising that at no time will Customs officials call or email any individual to engage them in the auctioning or sale of motor vehicles or other merchandise owned by the government,” said the JCA in a statement on Thursday. 

It said the reminder comes in light of reports it has received that a voice sounding like the CEO/Commissioner of Customs, Velma Ricketts Walker, and a photograph of the Deputy CEO, Marlon Lowe, are reportedly being used by imposters in an alleged motor vehicle scam.

“It has come to the agency’s attention that the scammers have been seeking to solicit funds from victims under the name ‘Collector of Customs’,” the JCA also shared.

It is imploring individuals who may be victims of this scam to immediately report it to the police as well as to the Investigation Branch of the JCA.

The JCA is also reiterating that all auctions are undertaken in keeping with the Customs Act. Information on public auctions, including motor vehicles, can be viewed at