BIA Says Cardi B Cheated On Offset In New Diss Track, Cardi Responds

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Rapper Bia has released a diss track for Cardi B after the latter appeared to diss her on “Wanna Be (Remix)”, which was released with Megan Thee Stallion and Glorilla.

Many fans felt that Cardi B was taking aim at Bia by using a double entendre of her name. “Though she was on the shelf, IKEA/ Hope she talk like that when I see her/ B— please, don’t nobody wanna be ya,” the line said.

Some fans of Cardi B have mused that she is only returning the same energy to Bia, who shaded her last month on Dreezy‘s remix to “Bi**h Duh.” In the song, Bia rapped, “How you say you runnin’ down, but you can’t walk on the beat.”

Offset and Cardi B / @iamcardib

Cardi stans believe that Bia was taking shots at the Bronx artist who had admitted in an interview that she turned down remixing Ice Spice’s “Munch” because she couldn’t keep up with the beat.

On Sunday, Bia responded on Twitter, seemingly tweaking Cardi’s lyrics on her song “Clout” and Gunna’s “Prada Dem,” featuring Offset. She also used a previous Instagram Story by Offset, claiming that Cardi had cheated on him, as the cover art.

Hours after Cardi B fans urged Bia to go to the studio, she seemingly dropped a diss record, “SUE MEEE?” aimed at the rapper. In it, she shaded Cardi for using Pardison Fontaine as a ghostwriter, her marriage to Offset, and various rumors about the breakdown of their relationship.

“Put it on your hubby since you love lying on your vows (Wow), I write all my verses, I can do this sh*t for hours (Facts), I be damned I let a nigga f*** a b*tch inside my house (Ew), Your money long and you split that your ni***s saying that’s ours (Wrrr),” she raps in one verse.

“C-A-R-D crowned I-G (Crowned I-G), Catch another dude ’cause she couldn’t catch a beat (Couldn’t catch a beat), Do I beef with you or do I beef with Pardi?? (Huh), You been scrapping project since 2019 (Haha)” she raps.

The drama between Bia and Cardi follows Cardi’s claim that Bia has been going at her for more than a year.

Weeks ago, Bia was caught liking a tweet claiming that Cardi was using her as a “mood board” after she sampled Missy Elliot’s 1999 single “She’s a B***h” in her “Enough (Miami)” track released earlier this year.

Bia also sampled the same song for her track “I’m That Bi**h,” which she released with Timbaland in 2023.

According to Cardi, she recorded “Enough” in late 2022, so Bia’s claim that she was copying her is far from the truth.

“I was supposed to put the song out last year and look at the date 5/23. ‘Enough Video’ I was supposed to [release] last year, and we changed our mind. After the creative video came out, she claimed I was copying her music video style,” Cardi said while denying that she has ever had any issue with Bia or subbed her.

Cardi also claims that Bia has been spreading rumors that she has a sex tape of her and has shown it to a producer and another rapper.

Cardi has not reacted to Bia’s diss track.

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