BIKE RAGE: Cops clampdown on noisy motorcycles, owners left fuming | Loop Jamaica

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Motorcycle clampdown

Members of the Public Safety and Traffic Enforcement Branch (PSTEB) on Friday conducted an operation to clamp down on owners of motorcycles, said to be committing breaches while traveling on the road.

” We are paying attention to the motorcycles with the loud mufflers as well as those that are unlicensed” a member of the police team that was carrying out the operation told Loop news

During the clampdown, several motorcycles were seized and the drivers were issued with tickets.

However, some of the drivers were not in agreement with the seizure and claimed that the police were unjust in their operation.

One motorcycle owner said he did not adjust or modify his muffler and that his motorcycle was brought into the island that way, but it was still seized.

The operation was conducted in and around the Halfway Tree area.

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