Black Friday: 5 DIY gifts you can find on Amazon Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News DIY Kit for Homemade Whisky Flavor


If there’s a Whisky lover in your inner circle, instead of giving the obvious bottle, how about the gift of experimentation with a DIY kit for homemade whisky flavour.

The kit includes woodchip blends, botanicals and a recipe book to make the perfect drink.

Artisan DIY BBQ Sauce Making Kit


Do you know someone who likes BBQ sauce and uses it on everything? How about you give that person their very own Artisan DIY BBQ Sauce Making Kit.

It is definitely a unique gift item which will allow any BBQ lover to make their own sauce with the recipes and ingredients provided in the kit.

Hand Casting DIY Kit for Couples


Don’t know what to get for your significant other? How about the gift of cementing your love for each other, with a DIY hand molding kit.

You can clasp hands and keep the hand mold preserved in a display case as a reminder of your love or friendship.

It’s perfect too to use with your loved ones.

DIY Hot Sauce Making Kit


Everybody knows somebody who claims to be a ‘hot sauce’ connoisseur. Instead of buying the latest hot sauce to see if they can withstand the heat, why not let them make one on their own with a DIY Hot Sauce making kit.

The gift box contains everything required to carry the temperature up including ghost peppers.

DIY Bath Bomb Making Kit


This a fun kit for kids to use and even adults. This make-your-own bath bomb kit includes pure essential oils, Epsom salts, baking soda and other natural ingredients.

The kit includes recipes and an aromatherapy guide.

Give someone the gift of making their own cupcake bath bombs, and who knows? Maybe they might share one with you.