Bounty Killer fans anticipating stellar performances at Made in JamRoc | Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News | Loop News

Despite the rain, hundreds of fans who gathered outside Digicel’s car park ahead of the scheduled start of ‘Made in JamRoc’, Bounty Killer’s 50th birthday party, are expecting a stellar performance from the ‘Warlord’ later Sunday night.

The patrons, who were early to the downtown Kingston venue, are also anticipating great performances from the other artistes expected to show up in support of the dancehall icon.

“Bounty a mi general star and mi travel all the way from May Pen [in Clarendon] to come enjoy the show. A nuh Bounty alone mi waan watch, but a him a mi general,” said Val, who operates a taxi from May Pen to Palmers Cross in Clarendon.

“I have been a Bounty Killer fan from ever since. The first tune Bounty Killer did was ‘Copper Shot’ and from those days, I have been following Bounty Killer,” said Dalton, who is from Havendale in St Andrew.

“I am expecting a very good performance with all of his big tunes from ‘Copper Shot’ days come straight through.

“Bounty Killer always bring energy to his performance. I have seen him perform locally and overseas, and I know he is getting on in age, but I still believe he will bring that energy,” Dalton added.

Other patrons with whom Loop News spoke also expressed similar views like Val and Dalton.

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