Bounty Killer ‘is dancehall music’ | Loop Jamaica

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Many of the dancehall artistes who showed up on Sunday in support of industry stalwart Bounty Killer as he celebrated his 50th birthday at ‘Made in JamRoc’ credit him for supporting them in the formative years of their careers.

In fact, they all spoke about how instrumental he has been to the genre.

Bounty Killer onstage at ‘Made in JamRoc’ on Sunday as he celebrated his 50th birthday with fans and friends inside Digicel’s car park at the digital operator’s downtown Kingston HQ. (Photos: Marlon Reid)

In an interview with Loop News inside the car park of Digicel’s headquarters in downtown Kingston, the venue for the rain-delayed but well-attended event, recording artiste Teejay said: “Rodney Price is dancehall music.”

The queen of dancehall, Spice, also made a similar proclamation during her set on Sunday, when she shared that she was asked about the Warlord’s impact on dancehall, to which she responded: “Bounty Killer is dancehall”.

According to the ‘From Rags to Riches’ singer, Teejay, “Dancehall music is Rodney Price, so from the general himself reach out to me and seh, ‘Teejay’, mi did just affi forward.

“Growing up in a dem time deh, it was only two artistes: Bounty [Killer] and Beenie [Man]. Me, as a youth, reach 27 and still can come see the general right yah suh with we and can give we a vibes same way, win two Grammy and whole heap a other big collabs weh we would a love fi get as a young artiste same way. He has done a lot, honestly,” Teejay said.

Dexter Daps also made it known to all in attendance, including those who joined online, that he still cherishes the advice he received from Bounty Killer to be different and not follow others, despite the naysayers.

Shaggy, General B, Konshens, Laa Lee, and Nesbeth all acknowledged the contribution that Bounty Killer has made to dancehall music in interviews with Loop Entertainment.

According to the artistes, they were approached by Bounty Killer to be at the event and because of his status in the industry, they had to support him.

Bounty Killer has been credited with assisting many of dancehall’s hitmakers and top performers with their careers, which Konshens highlighted.

“Bounty Killer’s career show mi seh, nuh matter how high up you go, you can fall, and no matter how low down you fall, you can rise. I see him go through ups and downs and still deh yah. Half, if not three-quarters of dancehall, a Killer responsible. Mi couldn’t deh yah, and Bounty Killer have a party and mi nuh pass through,” the ‘Bruk off yuh back’ deejay told Loop Entertainment.

According to Grammy-winning international recording artiste Shaggy, the request to be at the event had to be met.

“Bounty a mi brother. He is a leading member of my fraternity, the very fraternity that has given me everything in life. I owe everything to dancehall, and there is no bigger representative and advocate of dancehall than Bounty Killer.

“Suh when Bounty call mi and seh, ‘Yow, yuh deh bout?’ Mi she, ‘Mi deh pon tour, but mi have a likkle one day weh mi can come in come deal with it and come back out, of course’,” the ‘Strength of a Woman’ singer said.

General B added: “Bounty Killer is a youth weh a support dancehall from day one until now. There is a whole lot of artistes who seh a Bounty Killer first send them to the scene. He has done so much.”

Meanwhile, according to ‘My Dream’ singer Nesbeth, Bounty Killer was one of the players in the music industry who supported him when his wife passed away in 2016.

“The support that Bounty Killer would have given to most of us, people just feel like they owe Bounty Killer, so they had to just come to support him. The type of person Bounty Killer is, you don’t even have to know him to have a word with him.

“If you stand aside, you can easily watch how he acts. The things that he is doing. When you see somebody can stand up and do so many good things for people, you are left with no other choice but to be a part of whatever it is they are doing,” Nesbeth told Loop Entertainment.