Brothers conditionally freed of 2016 murder of Mandeville businessman | Loop Jamaica

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Two brothers who were charged with the robbery and murder of Mandeville businessman Trevor Meikle in 2016, were conditionally freed when they appeared in the Manchester Circuit Court on Friday.

This was after the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) entered a conditional nolle prosequi against them because the witnesses for the prosecution were not available for the trial.

Alwayne and Steve Edwards, who both professed their innocence, were in police custody for several years awaiting trial.

Even though the case has been discontinued, the matter can be brought back to court if the witnesses are located.

On Friday, the prosecution conceded in court that it could not successfully mount a case against the accused men at present, as the witnesses were unavailable.

It was reported that on April 17, 2016, gunmen robbed and killed Meikle after he dropped off his daughter from the airport at his home in Ingleside, Mandeville, Manchester.

His daughter and wife were also robbed, but they were not harmed.

The Edwards brothers were charged after a cell phone which was stolen from Meikle, was found in the possession of a woman in St Mary.

The woman told police investigators that she received the phone from one of the accused men, who claimed that he had purchased the cell phone in Kingston.

However, the brothers have maintained that they were not aware that the cell phone that ‘was purchased’ had been stolen, or that it belonged to the deceased businessman.