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A security feature that was activated on a taxi operator’s cellular phone resulted in an alleged robber being caught by the police.

Jehvaughnie Lee, 20, of Lenwood Path, Kingston 11 was on May 9 charged with robbery with aggravation and illegal possession of a firearm following an incident that occurred on Ashoka Road, Kingston 11 on April 6.

According to information received from the police, Lee allegedly boarded the cabbie’s vehicle that was travelling towards Seaview Gardens and later brandished a firearm. It is further alleged that he robbed the taxi driver of his possessions, including a cellular phone, before exiting the vehicle and escaping.

The driver subsequently reported the incident to the police.

The police said a security feature that was activated on the phone sent Lee’s images to the taxi operator’s email address after he tried to gain access to the phone.

Weeks later, Lee was seen and pointed out to the police. He was arrested and charged following an interview.

His court date is being arranged, the police said.

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