Cadet Force looking for volunteers Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

Persons 18 years and older are being encouraged to join the senior division of the Jamaica Combined Cadet Force (JCCF) to contribute to the development of young people.

According to Regiment Commander for the Northern Regiment of the JCCF, Lieutenant Col Nicholas Taylor, the organization regularly receives applications for volunteers but welcomes more.

“Quite a number of adults are volunteering with the JCCF and we could always welcome more people to volunteer, so we will always have the door open,” he said.

Lt Col Taylor said that volunteers must be able to pass a security check.

“You cannot be a part of this cadet force if you are not properly vetted…because these are children that we are supervising and we have to ensure that the security and the safety of our kids is at its utmost,” he pointed out.

There are two categories of adult volunteers in the JCCF – Commissioned Officer and Adult Other Rank.

Commissioned Officers are vested with the lawful responsibility for the overall management and administration of the programme, while Adult Other Rank are ex-cadets, who upon completion of advanced training, are appointed as instructors responsible for granular training of the cadets.

To apply as a Commissioned Officer, persons must have five Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) subjects inclusive of English Language, or the equivalent of any other examination board recognised by the Ministry of Education and Youth.

For the Adult Other Rank, persons must have three CSEC subjects inclusive of English Language and Mathematics, or the equivalent of any other examination board recognised by the Ministry of Education and Youth, and a minimum Star 2 qualification in JCCF administered exams.

Volunteers wishing to join the JCCF are invited to complete an application form that is available on the JCCF website.

“You can also pick up an application form from the JCCF headquarters, which is at Up Park Camp in St. Andrew, or you can visit one of our five regiment offices across the island,” Lt. Col Taylor said.

The Jamaica Combined Cadet Force caters to youth registered in Government secondary schools from first to sixth form, equipping them with the discipline and positive values and attitudes to become good citizens through training in paramilitary skills, leadership, citizenship, and life skills.

There are over 4,000 secondary-level students from 110 schools across the island making up the ranks of the Junior Division of the Force.

They are led by a complement of some 250 adult volunteer officers and adult volunteers from all professions and fields.