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Campari, the world’s leading aperitif, is once again making waves in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean, this time with the recent launch of its “Respect the Bitter” campaign, held at Mystix Plaza, Hagley Park Road in Kingston.

Respect the Bitter will see Campari strengthening its connection with its current consumer base and target audience, whilst introducing new and exciting video, photo and audio storytelling content to fans of the brand.

In doing this, Campari will continue to inform its consumer base on how best to mix and enjoy the distinctive taste of Campari for all occasions.

The Campari team at the launch of Campari Respect the Bitter at Mystix Plaza, Hagley Park Road in Kingston. They are (L-R) Dominic Bell, brand public relations and communications manager; Assistant Brand Manager Ashley Hinds; Event Execution Analyst Tesfaye Brown; Assistant Brand Manager Domestic & Export Sheldon Whyte; PR & Digital Manager Candiese Leveridge; Marketing Director Pietro Gramegn; Public Affairs and Government Relations Specialist Samara South, and Marketing Manager Pavel Smith.

Marketing Director J Wray & Nephew Limited, Pietro Gramegna, was excited to speak about this new Campari development: “The heart of the Respect the Bitter campaign is for the brand to do our part in telling the stories of triumph by our biggest supporters. It’s our opportunity to connect consumers with a brand that they can identify with and relate to.”

Marketing Manager Pavel Smith, explains that the concept behind Respect the Bitter is that success (like many things) is a process.

Similarly, the initial bitter taste of Campari is a step in the process of enjoying the versatile and worldwide loved brand.

Aidonia closed the Campari Respect the Bitter show with an energetic performance.

“It’s really about teaching consumers how best to enjoy Campari, the liquid’s bitter taste profile is one of the things that makes Campari unique,” he said.

“Take for instance the Campari Grapefruit, which is made with one part Campari to three parts Grapefruit soda. This mix is easy, unique and made to be enjoyed any time, responsibly,” Smith added.

Smith went on to echo Gramegna’s comments that a huge part of Campari’s goals is to represent its biggest supporters to the fullest.

He said, “We want them to see their stories told visually, musically, and otherwise, so they know that their interest and support are being reciprocated 100%.”

Campari is confident in its ability to achieve this alongside its brand ambassador, dancehall stalwart, Aidonia.

The DJ, who is no stranger to collaborating with Campari, expressed gratitude for yet another opportunity to partner with the spirits giant:

“The partnership with Campari is one that comes naturally. This campaign is going similar to our other collaborations; a good vibe, with good music, and some cool visuals for the people to enjoy and relate to,” the DJ said.

He continued, “We’ve been working hard at giving the people something new that resonates with them on every level. I’m always grateful for the opportunity to work with a brand like Campari.”

The recently held launch took the liberty of introducing to lovers of Campari a sneak peek of what’s to come soon, primarily the brand’s newest visual for television and digital placement, in addition to the accompanying audio bed for radio. The event concluded with an energetic performance by Aidonia, with persons tagging the brand throughout the night on Instagram @CampariCaribbean.