Caribbean Creators: Ameer Hosein Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

The concept is simple. Two top photographers, one model, and ten minutes on the clock. Ameer Hosein’s photo challenge is capturing the imagination of fans of photography around the country.

LoopTT met up with him on a rainy Labour Day holiday as he was shooting episode six of his challenge at Aerial World Service in Couva. His team of producer/director Kylie Jacob and videographer Thruston Benny were already preparing the scene with this week’s guest photographer Shannon Britto.

The concept was inspired by Jessica Kobeissi’s series on Youtube.

“She has like five or four photographers shooting like one model. It’s like a whole series like about half an hour long. And I was like, Oh, this is really fun. Maybe I can interact with other photographers, connect and reach out to a bunch of different people,” Hosein said. ” I just want to add my Trini flavour, my Trini spin on it and show off all the beautiful places in Trinidad.”

Hosein hopes to make 11 episodes this year of his photography challenge and come December, he wants to make a documentary-style recap of all the episodes, inviting back all the photographers and models to have them talk about the experience.

“I can take a picture that looks a certain way; you can take the same picture but it will look completely different. So each person have a different style of what they do.” Hosein said.

So far he’s been overwhelmed by the response from photographers and models alike that have reached out to him. In the future he hopes to teach or even open his own school to train the next generation of photographers.

You can catch all the episodes on Ameer’s instagram page ameerhoseintt.