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Edwin Allen High’s Bryan Levell (right) wins the Boys’ Class One 100m final on day two of the ISSA/GraceKennedy Boys and Girls’ Athletics Championships at the National Stadium on Wednesday, April 6, 2022. (PHOTO: Marlon Reid).

The country’s top junior athletes will vie for regional glory over the next three days, as the 49th staging of the Carifta Games for Under-18 and Under-20 athletes will begin on Saturday morning at the National Stadium in Kingston.

Action is scheduled to begin at 9:00 am.

See Saturday’s schedule below:


09:00 100M Hurdles Heptathlon Girls – Event 1 (0.84M)
09:05 High Jump U-17 Girls Final
09:10 100m Octathlon Boys – Event 1
09:15 Javelin Throw U-20 Boys Final (800g)
09:20 100m U-17 Girls Heats
09:25 Shot Put U-17 Girls Final (3kg)
09:40 09:40 100m U-17 Boys Heats
10:00 100m U-20 Girls Heats
10:20 100m U-20 Boys Heats
10:25 High Jump Heptathlon Girls – Event 2
10:35 Long Jump Octathlon Boys – Event 2
10:40 400m U-17 Girls Semi-Finals
10:55 400m U-17 Boys Semi-Finals
11:10 400m U-20 Girls Semi-Finals
11:25 400m U-20 Boys Semi-Finals


17:00 100m U-17 Girls Semi-Finals
17:05 Discus Throw U-20 Boys Final (1.75kg)
17:10 Triple Jump U-20 Girls Final
17:10 PM 100m U-17 Boys Semi-Finals
17:15 Shot Put Octathlon Boys – Event 3 (6kg)
17:20 100m U-20 Girls Semi-Finals
17:30 100m U-20 Boys Semi-Finals
17:45 High Jump U-20 Boys Finals
17:50 1500m U-17 Girls Final
18:00 1500m U-17 Boys Final
18:10 1500m U-20 Girls Final

18:15 Long Jump U-17 Boys Final
18:20 1500m U-20 Boys Final

18:30 Shot Put Heptathlon Girls – Event 3 (4kg)
18:50 Discus Throw U-20 Girls Final (1kg
18:55 400m U-17 Girls Final
19:00 400m U-17 Boys Final
19:05 400m U-20 Girls Final
19:10 400m U-20 Boys Final

19:15 400m Octathlon Boys – Event 4
19:25 200m Heptathlon – Event 4
19:45 100m U-17 Girls Final
19:50 100m U-17 Boys Final
19:55 100m U-20 Girls Final
20:00 100m U-20 Boys Final

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