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Gary Card (2nd left) of Wolmer’s wins the Boys’ Under-20 200m final on the third and final day of the Jamaica Athletics Administrative Association Carifta Trials at the National Stadium on Sunday, March 3, 2024. Card will be in action at the 51st edition of the Carifta Games in Grenada today. (PHOTO: Marlon Reid).

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In the heart of St George’s, Grenada, the 51st edition of the Carifta Games at the Kirani James Athletic Stadium, shifts gears to its pivotal second day on Sunday.

Jamaica, the defending champions with an impressive track record, have their sights set on securing their 38th consecutive title at this regional meet.

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Don’t miss the schedule of Sunday’s events to stay tuned to the thrilling competition.

Morning Session

8:00: 110m Hurdles Octathlon Boys – Event 58:03: Javelin Throw U-20 Girls Final (600g)8:08: Long Jump Heptathlon Girls – Event 58:12: Shot Put U-20 Girls Final (4kg)8:15: 200m U-17 Girls Heats8:35: 200m U-17 Boys Heats8:55: 200m U-20 Girls Heats9:15 – 200m U20 Boys Heats9:30 – High Jump Ocathlon  Boys9:38 – Javelin Throw Heptathlon Girls9:40 – 800m U17 Girls Semi-Finals9:52 – 800m U17 Boys Semi-Finals10:04 – 800m Girls Semi-Finals10:16 – 800m U20 Boys Semi-Finals10:30 – 400m Hurdles U17 Girls Semi-Finals10:40 – 400m Hurldes U20 Girls Semi-Finals10:50 – 400m Hurdles U17 Boys Semi-Finals11:00 – 400m Hurdles U20 Boys Semi-Finals

Afternoon Session2:00: 4x100m Relay U-17 Girls Semi-Finals2:05: High Jump U-17 Boys Final2:10: 4x100m Relay U-17 Boys Semi-Finals2:15: Long Jump U-17 Girls Final2:20: 4x100m Relay U-20 Girls Semi-Finals2:25: Javelin Octathlon Boys – Event 7 (800g)2:30: 4x100m Relay U-20 Boys Semi-Finals2:35: Shot Put U-17 Boys Finals (5kg)2:40: Medal Ceremonies2:50: 400m Hurdles U-17 Girls Finals (0.76m)3:00: 400m Hurdles U-20 Girls Finals (0.76m)3:10: 400m Hurdles U-17 Boys Finals (0.84m)3:20: 400m Hurdles U-20 Boys Finals (0.91m)3:25: Medal Ceremonies3:35: 200m U-17 Girls Semi-Finals3:50: 200m U-17 Boys Semi-Finals4:05: 200m U-20 Girls Semi-Finals4:20: 200m U-20 Boys Semi-Final4:33: High Jump U-20 Boys Finals4:38: Javelin Throw U-20 Boys Final4:40: 800m Heptathlon Girls – Event 7 (800g)4:45: Triple Jump U-17 Boys Final4:50: 1500m Octathlon Boys – Event 85:00: 3000m Open Division Girls Final5:05: Medal Ceremonies5:20: 3000m U-17 Boys Final5:25: Medal Ceremonies5:40: 4x100m Relay U-17 Girls Finals5:50: 4x100m Relay U-17 Boys Finals6:00: 4x100m Relay U-20 Girls Finals6:10: 4x100m Relay U-20 Boys Finals6:20: 4x400m Mixed Relay (Open) Finals6:25: Medal Ceremonies

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