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Mayor of Kingston says carnival garbage ‘simply intolerable’

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Mayor of Kingston, Councillor Andrew Swaby, has expressed shock and disappointment at the amount of garbage that littered the streets of the Corporate Area along the routes used for Carnival Road March.

The mayor toured the carnival routes on Monday in response to concerns raised by residents and business operators.

He has since summoned all the organisers of the major event to an urgent meeting at 1pm Tuesday, April  9.

The meeting is to discuss the littering with a view to developing a permanent solution for such events.

“The level of post-carnival garbage is simply intolerable. For those who much is given, much is expected. They had the full run of a large section of the city, and for such gracious accommodation, they should have done a much better job of cleaning up their garbage after the event,” the mayor said. 

Swaby emphasised that any such future courtesies will have to factor greater responsibility for solid waste disposal after the event. 

He said he is determined to create and maintain a culture of cleanliness in the Corporate area and has already held meetings with the NSWMA and other stakeholders to heighten awareness and introduce practical measures to improve solid waste collection and disposal.

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