Carnival in Jamaica ‘tiring, but very nice’ for Costa Rican Loop Jamaica

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Carnival in Jamaica ‘tiring, but very nice’ for Costa Rican

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Tiring, but very nice, that’s how one Costa Rican woman who chipped down the road with Yard Mas for Carnival Road March described the annual event in Jamaica on Sunday.

It is her second time in Jamaica, but the first time participating in carnival in the island.

The Loop News team caught up with her on Sunday, as revellers from GenXs, Xodus and Yard Mas bands enjoyed music and  performances while dancing the day away to top off the carnival season in Jamaica.

The Costa Rican woman, who gave her name as Ayesha, said she wanted to travel with her friends and visiting Jamaica and jumping in carnival seemed like a good idea.

Scores of foreigners like Ayesha, were among the revellers on the streets of the Corporate Area on Sunday. Whatever their reason for jumping, a good time was had by all.

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