Charly Black back with Slingerz-produced track ‘Whine For Me’ Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

Jamaican entertainer Charly Black will release a new single for the summer, “Whine for Me”, on August 5, 2022.

“Whine for Me” was produced by Kevin Balgobin and his brother, Troy Balgobin, from the Slingerz Entertainment label based in Guyana and the US.

Charly Black said he penned the track with the women in mind.

“It always feels good writing songs that compliment the females and their image. It makes me happy to make good music for the females that helps their self-esteem,” Black said.

He added, “This song is going to live on because it’s like “One In a Million”, “Perfect”, tracks that women really love.”

Charly Black believes the track will perform well because it incorporates dancehall and reggaet?n beats.

Balgobin agreed, adding that the track was produced to bring an “international type of vibe, but we still wanted to include dancehall, which is very energetic and infectious and will have you moving the minute the song comes on.”

He said Slingerz has been producing dancehall music for quite some time now and is happy to have Black on the track.

“We’ve been in the dancehall industry for a few years now, but we actually started producing in 2018, and since then, we were able to work and record some of the biggest names in the dancehall industry.”

Balgobin said he had previously worked with Charly Black in Guyana, making the recent partnership between the two seamless.

“We did business in the past where we booked him for major show events in Guyana, so it was a pleasure being able to work with him again in our new journey of producing,” the label boss said.

The music video “Whine for Me” was shot in Portland, Jamaica and edited by Xtreme Arts.