Chrisean Rock Arrested In Court With Blueface Parents Arguing

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The long arms of the law have caught social media star and actress Chrisean Rock after defiantly ignoring a felony warrant issued for her arrest earlier this year.

Rock has blatantly ignored the warrant and even said she won’t be turning herself in after Oklahoma police issued a warrant for her arrest after she left the state without completing her community service sentence relating to drug charges.

Chrisean Rock was spotted pushing her baby in a stroller as she showed up at court to support the father of her child, Blueface, in court on Monday. Blueface is currently incarcerated over separate legal issues, and she and Chrisean appeared to reconcile their relationship after he went to jail.

Shortly after she appeared in court with her son, Chrisean Jr, she was taken into custody by sheriffs.

Chrisean Rock, who was spotted wearing jeans and a cropped denim top, is seen entering the court building. Minutes later, she is led out in handcuffs while two officers follow behind. Paparazzi take videos of Rock and also question her about what happened.

“I don’t f**king know, they saying I got a whole nother case caught up downtown, I don’t even be downtown,” Rock says to the videographer.

When asked, the sheriff walking with her says, “She has a warrant for her arrest.”

According to the Shade Room, Rock’s child was taken by officers as she was arrested.

“I got my people looking into it,” Rock adds in another video part.

While it’s unclear the details regarding the warrant on which she was arrested, there are speculations that Rock’s arrest might have to do with her Oklahoma case stemming from 2022, in which she stole Blueface’s truck and attempted to drive from Los Angeles to Baltimore. Rock was later arrested after Blueface reported the vehicle stolen. When she was charged with possession of a controlled dangerous substance without a tax stamp and possession with the intent to distribute, facing two years in jail on conviction,

However, she later pleaded guilty to the offenses and was sentenced to 120 days of community service. Rock failed to complete the community service, which was to be done between March 2023 and September 15, 2023.

A warrant for her arrest was issued in late 2023. In February, Rock addressed the warrant and said she was not keen to turn herself in.

“I been paying fees and getting rid of sh*t and talking t people to help my situation out. But I just had my son… The old me would have just turned myself in… but right now, I gotta play it cautious because I don’t plan on being in jail while my son is growing. I just don’t plan on that at all,” she said on Instagram Live.

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