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With Christmas fast approaching consumers have increased their use of websites belonging to financial institutions to conduct their various transactions.

Bank experts are however warning that while this is happening they are seeing where criminals have stepped up their game in a bid to target unsuspecting members of the public and one of the methods they are using is to create fake pages looking similar to what banks use.

To clamp down on this activity financial institutions are warning customers to look out for the signs.

One bank, the  National Commercial Bank (NCB) sent out emails to warn customers on some of the things they should look out for.

“sneaky tricks scammers use to make you think their emails or websites are the real deal. They might change a couple of letters in an email address or make a website look like a legitimate business (like your bank, for example). And they’re good at it! But we’ve got tips to help you see through their tricks,” the bank said in an email.

“Give the sender’s email, website address, and logo a second look for any funny business or typos,” the emails said.

“Check if the website is secure. And remember, just because it starts with ‘https’ doesn’t mean you should let your guard down. It’s not a guarantee of safety.

“Remember that NCB doesn’t send links in emails and messages,” the bank said in an email.

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