Churches to activate relief agencies in aftermath of Hurricane Beryl

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

The Jamaica Council of Churches (JCC) says its members will activate their respective relief agencies and has pledged to cooperate with governmental and non-governmental agencies to mitigate the misery that Jamaicans impacted by Hurricane Beryl is facing.

At the same time, the umbrella church group is offering its encouragement and full support to the country’s leaders, as the recovery efforts are ramped up.

“Likewise, the Council acknowledges and applauds the corporate bodies that have stepped forward to offer support and relief supplies. We offer our sacred spaces to all persons who may wish to find a place of silence and solace as well as opportunities for thanksgiving and service,” the JCC added.

“The upcoming worship encounters will be geared towards hope, help and healing as the we look to and hear from Almighty God, and so we encourage those who are able, to join the many worship services that will be available,” the JCC continued. 

The Council has also acknowledged “the death, damage, dislocation and disruption that have occurred.

“We mourn the loss of hurricane-related deaths and offer our prayers and words of comfort to the families who now grieve the loss of loved ones. The damage to the natural and built environment has led to serious disruptions in the ability of our government and its agencies, including the utility companies, to offer service to the nation”.

“Distressing also, have been the dislocations to families, households, farms and businesses. It is now clear that several communities have been severely impacted. We commend the government for the proactive efforts to warn against and plan for the onset of the hurricane,” said the JCC.

The church group has sought to assure both political leaders and Jamaicans in general that, “together, we will get through this time of trouble”.

“We therefore encourage all persons to exercise patience and allow the institutional and technical machinery to engage in timely and efficient recovery work. We also admonish our people to show the compassion of (Luke 10:33-37) and display the “unusual kindness” of (Acts 28:2) that will enable us to fulfil God’s call to be good neighbours so that we will recover in the shortest time”.