‘Clans’ gangster gets 60 days in prison for urinating in court Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

Ted Prince, a convicted member of the Andre ‘Blackman’ Bryan-led One Don faction of the Clansman gang, was on Friday sentenced to 60 days in prison for contempt of court relative to shockingly urinating inside a courtroom in the Home Circuit Court in downtown Kingston weeks ago.

Chief Justice Bryan Sykes, in handing down the sentence in the same court, ordered that the sentence for contempt of court run concurrently to a prison term Prince is now serving for illegal possession of firearm.

Sykes pointed to the 2018 conviction after assessing the gangster’s criminal records, but did not divulge the sentence that had been handed down to Prince for that crime.

Turning to the urinating in court by Prince, the chief jurist said it was indeed inappropriate, but admitted that there has been far “worse conduct” displayed by accused persons in court.

Still, Sykes said the prison term is to send a message to others that there will be consequences if acts of a similar nature are committed in court.

The 28-year-old gangster was seen on Tuesday, February 28, urinating in a corner of courtroom two at the Home Circuit Court, where the then 27 accused persons had to be accommodated in two courtrooms for a massive gang trial.

Prince, alias ‘Mawga Man’, had reportedly been requesting a bathroom break, but before an officer of the court could relay the request to Sykes, the gangster made his way to the back of the courtroom and relieved himself right there.

The action stunned the personnel in the two courtrooms, and resulted in Sykes briefly adjourning the proceedings.

Sykes did not address the matter until the final day of the trial, when he ordered Prince to prepare to explain his lewd actions.

Prince was among 15 persons, including Andre Bryan, St Thomas pastor Stephanie ‘Mumma’ Christie, and ex-soldier Jermaine Robinson, who were convicted of being members of a criminal organisation at the end of the trial.

Prince and the gang’s leader were also convicted of facilitating the murder of an unknown man outside Phil’s Hardware store in Spanish Town, St Catherine in 2018.

Prince and the other 14 convicts are to return to court on July 3, when their sentencing hearings relative to the gang-related convictions are scheduled to begin.