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Family and friends calling for search dogs, police assistance

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1 hrs ago

Nehemiah Thompson

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The search to locate the popular business owner in Hellshier, St Catherine enters into the third day with family and friends of 71-year-old Nehemiah Thompson calling for support from the police and other local authorities.

Relatives, said they have been left disappointed over the fact that they reported the matter and are yet to see police providing any form of assistance.

“We searched a large section of Hellshier on Sunday and are planning to continue today,” said a relative who believed that the help from even the Canine Division in the Jamaica Constabulary Force could boost their efforts tremendously.

There are also reports that more business operators from Hellshier Beach and surrounding areas are expected to join in the efforts on Monday.

Reports are that Thompson went on one of his regular trips up in the hilly sections of Helshire Heights to collect firewood and has since failed to return.

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