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Gwendolyn Wright speaks after Rushane Barnett sentencing

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Gwendolyn McKnight, the mother of 34-year-old Kimberly Wright who was brutally murdered along with her four children in Cocoa Piece, Clarendon in June of this year, was in the Home Circuit Court in downtown Kingston on Thursday to witness the sentencing of Rushane Barnett, a nephew of hers, who did the dastardly acts.

After the handing down of five life sentences with a stipulation for the convict who pleaded guilty to the crimes, to be only eligible for parole consideration after spending 61 years and eight months in prison on each count, which will run concurrently, McKnight expressed satisfaction, although she wanted a longer sentence.

She, along with another female relative, expressed their emotions during an after-court interview in which a particular officer of the court was hailed for her team’s work that produced the satisfactory sentencing.

Above, the video captured the family members with their composed reactions amid the still horrific memories of the killings.

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