Coconut growers urged to register with CIB by March 1 Loop Jamaica

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The Coconut Industry Board (CIB) is encouraging coconut growers to register with the entity by March 1.

Registration is free and it enables growers to access benefits such as free seedlings, fertiliser, weed control grant, automatic insurance for trees against windstorm damage, voting rights and advisory services.

Speaking with JIS News, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the CIB, Shaun Cameron, said once a person has access to land and is interested in growing coconuts, they can register via the board’s website,

“Registration happens every year between January and the first of March, and sometimes we may extend the registration process. Coconut growers will get access to free seedlings over a five-year period, as well as the technical expertise of our advisory officers and our scientists in planting out coconut orchards. We also provide you with free fertiliser for three years, and we help your coconut orchard blossom into a fruitful venture,” he stated.

Cameron said the CIB is hands-on in its approach to helping coconut growers.

Shaun Cameron 

“Basically, we hold your hand in getting your orchard running because, in the end, based on the number of coconut orchards you have up and running, we are able to increase productivity and the customer base,” he said, noting that there is a high demand for coconut and coconut-based products.

Coconut growers are advised to apply on an annual basis. Registration forms can also be accessed from the CIB’s offices or from the advisory officer in the parish.

Applications for registration must be made in respect of each property that a grower cultivates.

Cameron said registered coconut growers can also benefit from international partnerships.

“We also may have external partnerships, for example, with the International Trade Centre (ITC) and the Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute (CARDI). This will give coconut growers additional benefits as a registered farmer, to get into farming cash crops and using good agricultural practices,” he outlined.

The CIB is a statutory body that was established by the Coconut Industry Control Act of 1945. It is responsible for monitoring and informing the Government of Jamaica on the state of the coconut industry, advising growers of agronomic best practices, and providing quality planting materials.